Getaway to Mawlamyine & Around

Mawlamyine, the capital and largest city of Mon State, is approximately 160 km south-east of Yangon at the mouth of Than Lwin River. The main trading centre and seaport in southeastern Myanmar, Mawlamyine has a multi-ethnic population with a Buddhist Mon majority.

Within a short distance from Mawlamyine by car or by ferry boat along Than Lwin River is the U Nar Auk Kloster with a unique temple complex featuring the delightful eclectic mixture of European and pan-Asian styles’...

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Pathein Umbrella of Myanmar

This traditional cottage industry of making umbrellas from paper was established in Pathein, the capital of the Ayeyarwaddy Division of Myanmar's delta region, over a hundred years ago.

It’s a labor-intensive process, from building the skeleton from wood and bamboo, to binding the paper to the frame, and then drying, varnishing, polishing, painting and decorating it.

As the movement in the decortative arts grew to influence architecture, design and fashion, the P...

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Tea Shop Culture in Myanmar

Regardless of where you go in Myanmar, the open air tea shops, with their low tables and stools could be found throughout all corners of the country. It is traditionally mostly the meeting place for men of varying ages discussing politics, commenting the news of the day, concluding business deals, sharing their experiences and telling jokes while sipping tea.

The typical way of making the tea here in Myanmar is quite common but the expertise lies on how one tea maker would blend the...

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Monsoon in Myanmar

Myanmar has a tropical climate with seasonal changes dictated by the monsoon winds. The southwest monsoon starting to arrive in late May, bringing with it rain and humidity through to early October.

As the month progresses, the rainfall begins to peak throughout much of the country but the days remain warm with average temperatures ranging from 22°C to 27°C.

The central plains to the south of Mandalay including the enchanting area of Bagan remain the driest region...

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eVisa for Leisure & Business Travellers

The Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar recently announced that eVisa is now extended to the Business Travellers at US$ 70. As for the Leisure Travellers, passport holder from a total of 100 countries are also eligible to apply Tourist eVisa at US$ 50.

Please visit the Official Government Website below for more information.

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