Day Excursion of Bagan Bagan Cycling Tour

There are still more then 2,000 monuments left of the more then 5,000 originally.

An area of 42 square kilometer of Bagan is full of history and grandeur with its stupas, pagodas, shrines, and ordination halls. 

With a day or more cycling off the beaten travel path around this temple ruins and attractions are truly magical.

Breakfast at the Hotel. Begin the cycling tour of the day in the flat lands of Bagan in the morning. Bring plenty of water to be prepared for this interesting journey. The recommended route to be observed for a day would be starting from a sand track near Ananda Temple (½ Km). A brief stop at Dhammayangyi (¼ Km) a massive temple dating from the 11th century and famous for its interlocking mortar less brickwork. Continue cross road to Dhammayazaka (2 Km) proceed to Phwa Saw village, a typical Myanmar village consisting of rattan houses and alive with bullock carts, zebu cattle and local crafts. Proceed to Minnan Thu monastic complex and village (½ Km) observing the uninterrupted views of the ruins of Bagan, acacia and toddy palm trees and wandering goat herds. Rejoining the main road, cycling towards Shwezigon (3 ½ Km) and a break for lunch in the afternoon. En route, visit Wetkyi Inn village before heading straight back to the Hotel. The route lies towards Ananda Temple (1 Km) also passing through Htilominlo temple. 
Return to the Hotel to conclude the day.